A Shot In The Dark: Javier Baez Makes 25 Man Roster in 2014?


Yes, yet another piece on the Cubs number 1 prospect, Javier Baez. It’s hard to ignore the fact that he is destroying every league that management puts him in. So, the question becomes, do we give Javy a look in the majors in 2014? There was an update last night on MLB Rumors that read,

  • Cubs‘ shortstop Javier Baez continues to tear the cover off of the ball as he ascends the minor-league ranks, making the 20-year-old a dark-horse candidate to earn a big league roster spot next year. As Bruce Miles of the Daily Herald writes, there are many good reasons (cost, control, and development among them) for the Cubs to be hesitant. Nevertheless, manager Dale Sveum noted, “when you have that kind of numbers and power, sometimes you do force the issue. It’s not in the plans right now, but we’ve all seen it happen.”

This is a similar subject to the Bryant Article, but at the same time a totally different aspect needs to looked. That aspect is hope. Giving the Cubs fans the hope that one day the Cubs will start winning games and begin contending. I believe that Baez will provide the hope to Cubs fans that is desperately needed. Yes, Baez still has some holes in his swing and some in defense, primarily where he’s going to play, but his stronger attributes outweigh the weaker ones by a mile. For example,  this year in AA Tennessee Javy is striking out at a rate of 29%, which is not that great, but when you look at the kind of power this kid has, 14 home runs and 12 doubles in only 39 games, you will gladly take the increase in strikeouts. By the way, when averaging out the K rate for every year he’s played, he’s averaged around 18.75 or a little higher which is not bad at all. Also, something that really stood out for me is that Baez is starting to walk more. His 9.1% walk rate is the highest of this career. This is very encouraging since a lot of analysts were saying how much of a free swinger he is. With the power numbers increasing and the walk rate at an all time high, maybe it’s time to see what one of the biggest prospects in the game can do against the elite pitching of the majors. No one can be for certain if he will succeed that early, but it gives us fans hope for the bright Cubs future that is only a few years away.



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